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Jan 11, 2013 4:00am PST
of inflation? are you afraid of a new election? are you afraid of fires? > > i am afraid of fiscal cliff 2. > > are you afraid of the debt ceiling? what are you afraid of now? the market continues to march on regardless, and i am old-school. i look at bonds as an indicator of fear in the marketplace, and bonds sold off four points yesterday, and yields continue to climb on a sign of stability. > > i think the bottom line is, too, if you want to find fear, you are going to find it in individual stocks - not necessarily in the whole market and the vix. look at the puts skews if you are a little bit more of a savvy trader- > > we need individuals like you. > > that's right. > sounds like this market is bulletproof. moving on to round 3) dot com king?: amazon made all-new highs this week. is this the next apple? > > you are a bandwagon guy. what do you think? > > i would say no. it is at all-time forever highs. they really don't make money. and now you have target that is having price matching. > > here is something to think about. i actually agree with the guy for once. 3000 times tra
Jan 7, 2013 4:00am PST
' state board of elections lists clayco as a $50,000 donor to rahm emanuel's campaign for mayor in 2010. also, clayco reports giving more than a half-million dollars to local charities and has agreed to help train college students for careers in building design. general motors is recalling more than 69,000 trucks because they might roll away after being put in park. on the list, several 2013 models, including the popular escalade and tahoe suvs. the vehicles may have been built with either a fractured park lock cable or a malformed steering column. 55,000 of the vehicles are in the u.s. most are believed to still be on dealer lots. additionally, only 1 in 1,000 of the recalled vehicles are believed to have the defect. in happier news for general motors, sales of its volt model tripled in 2012. more than 23,000 of the electrically- powered volts were sold last year, and that leaves its nearest competitor, the nissan leaf, in the dust. the buzz behind the volt is coming from california, where more than half of all volts are sold. california drivers were lured in by aggressive leasing
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2